Search engines optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fasters growing form of Internet advertising. It involves marketers seeking high natural, organic or unsponsored results on consumers' searches.

In order to provide relevant and useful search results, search engines send out robots or ‘spiders’ out into the web. These spiders trawl the web looking for information about each site. The spiders take back a range of information about the various sites that enable google and other search engines to rank the relevance of each page for particular search.

Marketers implement a number of marketing strategies in their websites to assist these spiders collect data used to collate page ranking. These strategies attract traffic to the website to improve page ranking.

Here are some tactics to optimize your search engine

1. Include relevant keywords customers are more likely to key in to search for your products or services.

2. Include external links from credible and trusted websites pointing to your website. This brings traffic to your site. Which facilitates your page ranking.

3. Design your website to facilitate the spider's search process. For example minimizing the drop down menu

4. Create a page title that has relevant words in an HTML tag.

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