Webisodes as part of digital marketing strategy

What are webisodes?

Webisodes are a series of short video clips that reveal a brief storyline. They are distributed online.

Each webisode is an episode of a series, that is available online to download or for streaming.

Webisodes are specifically designed for viewing on mobile devices. They are typically shorter in length and must be tailored for the small screen size.

The goal of webisodes is to have the viewer held in suspense and intrigued to see the next episode

Webisodes can be used as a preview, a promotion, as part of a collection of short episodes or a commercial. However each episode need to be entertaining and informing to motivate consumers to come back for more.

Advantages of webisodes

1. Ongoing engagement:

Webisodes can be used as a tactic to engage consumers on an ongoing basis.

2. Ideally webisodes support product positioning

Targeted marketing communication using webisodes helps marketers position their brands in the way they want.

3. Build relationship:

Webisodes create ongoing interaction over time, thus build a relationship and allow potential customers to become familiar with the brand.

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