Behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting refers to tracking consumers online activities in order to profile them. This helps markets target advertisement their potential consumers are exposed to.

It is challenging to follow internet users’ site selection. One of the relatively easier ways of identifying web users’ behavior is inserting cookies on computer to indicate which websites have been visited.

Marketers mostly outsource this activity to companies who specialize in tracking online surfing behaviors to provide information to advertisers who wish to target potential customers based on their online behavior.

Having identified prospective consumers, as indicated by their Internet search habits, business could then present ads to these people whenever they subsequently visit other websites.

In other words, behavioral ads only target those consumers known to be interested in specific goods and services the business offers.

Advantages of behavioral targeting

1. Increased number of clicks:

Behavioral targeting allows advertisements get more clicks than they would with normal means of advertisement.

2. Consumer conversion:

There is a higher rate of conversion among potential consumers as the marketing communication is tailored to their interest.

3. Return of investments:

More clicks on advertisements and higher reach to potential customers results in increased sales.

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