Podcasts as part of digital marketing strategy

What are podcasts?

A podcast is a downloadable audio-file broadcasted online to be played on portable devices such as phones, tablets or laptops.

Typically, podcasts produce radio-type programs tailored to a certain group of consumers interested in a set of products, services or subject line. Consumers can subscribe to podcasts using software that periodically checks in and downloads new content automatically.

Consumers can also make suitable time around personal commitment to listen to podcasts as it is available at any time.

Here are some advantages of podcasts

1. Targeted messages:

Podcasting enables advertisers to target their marketing communication to specific consumers who share similar lifestyle characteristics and interestes as revealed by their self-selection of particular podcasts

2. Customer relationship:

Podcasting increases the opportunity of business to engage with their consumers which as a result supports relationship.

3.Tailored timing:

It could be that consumers can’t listen to a favorite program due to work or other commitments and podcasting allows marketers to tailor their marketing communications based on their consumers availability. This provides marketers branding or advertising opportunities.

4.Timely information:

Podcasts help marketers provide up to date information on trends, such as when it is time to purchase goods and services. This helps the brands to stay at top of mind and the products to be chosen by the consumer.

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