4 types of telemarketing

Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing. It is a way of contacting your consumers using phone calls to offer your products and services to prospective customers.

If successful, telemarketing can help a business tract a large volume of prospect customers.

Most businesses either use their own sales staff or outsource to a specialist call centre.

Here are 4 types of telemarketing.

1. Cold-calling:

This refers to calling prospect customers for the first time to generate lead. Because this method usually doesn’t ask for customers’ permission it may be difficult to convert lead customers.

2. Warm-calling:

This is a cold call that follows up an initial positive response. It uses 'warm' communication techniques designed to create a rapport and trust among prospective customers.

3. Follow-up call:

This is a call directed at customers who had previous contact with the business. It helps turn leads to prospect customers, renew customers whose membership lapsed, understand customer satisfaction level or thank customers for their support.

4. Fundraising calls:

This is a type of telemarketing directed specifically at seeking charitable donations for a specific purpose.

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