4 tips for your video content

Videos are very powerful tools to communicate with customers in today’s digital world.

You have a better opportunity to connect with potential customers by incorporating videos into your marketing strategy.

Here are 4 tips to consider when putting together content for your videos.

1. Develop your objectives:

Setting your goals and objectives prior to taking action is key for success in any area of your business.

Look at the big picture of your marketing strategy and what you want to achieve, this will direct the construction of any marketing communication content you want to put out.

The content for your video shall consider ongoing marketing themes, upcoming product launches or marketing campaigns run by your business. Thus, your video content will directly aid your overall marketing objective.

2. Media outlet:

Choosing the best media outlet to reach your target audience is also vital.

Conducting market research to identify and learn more about your target market will help ensure you reach the right people at the right time.

In addition to the specific media outlet, it is also important to know what devices or what platforms your audience may view your video on.

This information will help you optimize your video to the specific device or social platforms, it will also help you determine the length, format and overall make up of your video.

3. Consider the audience:

In addition to choosing the media outlet, your video content must consider the interests of the target audience. The first few seconds must hook them, use compelling concepts that resonates with your audience.

If your content is considerate of the audience, it will help you ensure your viewers stay engaged no matter the media outlet.

4. Measure effectiveness and review:

Follow and analyze the outcomes from your video, this could be through monitoring likes, shares or comments.

Monitoring these activities will help you analyze whether your initial goals are realized, it will also help you to review and constantly improve your video content.

If you are planning your marketing strategy for your business, speak to our marketing professionals at Elby Marketing.


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