Tips in managing a telemarketing campaign

Direct marketing is one of the best ways of getting though to your audience. One method of direct marketing is telemarketing.

Telemarketing involves contacting customers by phone to market a product or a service offer. It is engaging and interactive, which gives it the opportunity to convert potential customers into new customers.

Although telemarketing has the capability of generating a large volume of prospects, depending on the target market in focus, people’s tolerance and responsiveness to telemarketing campaigns has reduced.

A successful telemarketing must be highly targeted based on accurate findings of market research.

Here are some tips when conducting a telemarketing campaign

1. Aim at creating awareness:

Make contact for the purpose of introducing yourself and building an accurate database of relevant customers. If you focus on prospecting rather than sales, you are more likely to get a conversation rather than a hang-up.

2. Follow up:

Send an email or direct mail prior to placing telemarketing call. This will make the call flow easier as customers have been informed of the call.

3. Maintain current customers:

Keep in touch with existing or previous customers via various platforms.

4. Direct marketing list:

Buying a reliable direct marketing list will help you have a better sales outcome and better targeting.

If you are planning your marketing strategy for your business, speak to our marketing professionals at Elby Marketing.

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