Public relations (PR)

Public Relations (PR) refers to the process of managing the image of your brand and how it is perceived by your current and potential customers. This helps maintain your current customers and attract new ones.

Marketing communication content in the media and market place, customers direct experience as a result of buying decisions and testimonials from existing customers can shape your customers’ perception about your brand.

An efficient and effective public relations strategy is very powerful for the growth of your business. Unlike advertising and other marketing tools public relations also takes advantage of unpaid commination tactics such as the social media and website content, newsletters, press conferences, business networks, advocacy, community events and managing customers relation. However PR is not free advertising, advertising is a controlled message and PR is uncontrolled.

Here are 5 steps in setting up an effective strategic plan

1. Setting up your PR objectives

When organizing a PR campaign, the first step is to establish objectives in relation to marketing goal. Specify the type of reputation you want for your business among your customers. Make sure the objectives you make are SMART

Specific: clear and concise to understand

Measurable: tangible and measurable results

Achievable: an objective must be attainable

Relevant: the objectives must be relevant to the growth and improvement of your business

Timely: Objectives need to achievable in a timely manner

2. Set up your key messages

Make sure you know the who, what, where, when and why of your business. These specifications will help you showcase you unique selling points to the right audience.

3. Budgeting

An effective PR campaign requires adequate budgeting. Your key components of your public relations strategy must be affordable by your business. The budget you set must help you plan and support your periodic Public Relations investment.

4. Know your target audience

Conducting a compressive market research to identify your target segments will help you plan the best PR tools and tactics for success.

5. Customize your public relations to your target audience

To have a successful public relation you need to match your media and market communication channels to the preference of your target. You also need to tailor your marketing communication messages to your target audience.

If you are planning your Public Relations strategy and you need professional help, speak to our marketing professionals at Elby Marketing today.

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