4 steps of measuring and improving your PR

Why measure your PR?

Public Relations (PR) refers to the process of managing the image of your brand and how it is perceived by your current and potential customers. Therefore, measuring the success and failure of your PR strategy will help you identify tactics that work best for your business and avoid activities that do not produce positive results.

Here are 4 steps of measuring your and improving your public relations strategy

1. Identify what you are measuring

It is vital to specify what you want to measure. Before you begin you need to revise the objectives of your business as well as the objective of your public relations strategy.

By focusing on your target audience and specifying their brand awareness level, their attitude towards your business and buying behavior as a result of your PR, you can be able to identify what you need to measure.

What you want measure may be quality of media coverage, reach, social media growth, sales increase and so on.

2. Using surveys to measure PR

You can use customer service surveys to determine some outcomes in real time. Surveys could help you determine where customers heard of you, what their attitude towards your brand is, their level of awareness about your brand and whether these perceptions are as a result of your PR effort.

3. Using Social media

Monitoring your social media will help you sass what your customers think about your business. It also allows you to understand your position in the market, hence, giving you the opportunity to improve your business.

4. Using website trafficking

Utilizing an internet statistics or analysis tools for your website will help you understand what trends your communication effort resulted in.

If you are planning to developing a new public relations strategy or updating an existing one speak to our marketing professional at Elby Marketing today.


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