5 characters of an authenticity brand

What is brand authenticity?

Brand authenticity is the degree to which a brand identity is linked to the brand behavior in a positive way. Consumers perceive brand authenticity when a brand delivers all the promised unique attributes consistently and continually.

An authentic brand is trusted by consumers, which has characteristics of open communication, delivery on promise and consistency.

In todays’ modern world consumer demand for authentic brands is growing, to satisfy this growing need marketers need to understand how perceived authenticity works and how they can influence a brand’s perceived authenticity among consumers.

Here are 5 main characters of an authentic brand


An authentic brand shows integrity and honestly stands for the set of core characteristics and beliefs. It strives to showcase the main mission that drives the business in daily activities. It also delivers as accurately as possible everything it promises in marketing communications.

If your business claims an authentic brand it should have no pretending, no falsehood, no saying your brand is something it isn’t or stands for something that it doesn’t.


An authentic brand consistently and continually delivers the unique attributes it promises in it’s marketing commination

Open communication

The total effect of brands marketing communication on brand authenticity is strong. From the marketing commutations consumers learn what to expect from the brand.

Social proof​​​

An authentic brand has testimonials of satisfied customers to showcase because it is able to build it's perceived authenticity among consumers through delivering promises on point.

Delivery on promise

Communicating what your brand offers and why it is better than it’s competitors by it self is not enough instead the ability of the brand to deliver what it promises in marketing communication is crucial to shape perceived brand authenticity.

Are you struggling to build your perceived brand authenticity? Contact our professional marketing team today to help you build the best marketing campaign to achieve your goals.


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