5 marketing methods of influencing your audience

Planning and implementing the right marketing strategy and marketing communication is vital for the success of your business. Every business implements various marketing strategies to win the competition in the market.

Here are 5 marketing tactics to use in your marketing strategy to win the market competition.


In addition to providing the best services and products it is very important for your business to be consistent with your offers. Hence, your consumers constantly know what to expect from your business.

Social proof

When uncertain about what to buy or where to go most consumers go to the search engines to find out what the experiences of other consumers had.

The principal of social proof is activated in circumstances where appropriate behavior is somewhat unclear. Not knowing exactly whet to do, people tend to take note of the behavior of others; the behavior of other people provides social proof of how to act.

So, it is very important for any business to have a proper reflection of their reputation among customers.


The persuasion approach explains that when a likeable person promotes your products and services consumers are more likely to adopt an attitude or undertake a purchase action.

One of the most common marketing communications is similarity. Researches show that consumers responde favorably to others whom they perceive to be like them. Therefore, using people your consumers have commonalities with in your marketing communication is advised.


The biases of the scarcity is that things become more desirable when they are in great demand but in short supply. Using this in your marketing communication helps increase the demand for your products or services.


Most consumers respond positively to authoritative figures as they are raised to respect parents, teachers, sports coaches etc.

Including these authoritative figures in your marketing communication will appeal to authority in the marketplace and to persuade your consumers.

Are you struggling to influence your customers? Get in touch with our marketing professionals today.


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