4 purposes of Point of purchase advertising

What is pop advertising?

The point of purchase (POP) marketing refers to communication effort such as various types of signs, mobiles, banners, shelf ads, mannequins, product display etc.

Point of purchase is an ideal time to communicate with consumers because this is the time when many product and brand choice decisions are being made. POP advertising is an opportunity to make a measurable impact just when shoppers are most receptive to new products ides and alternative brands.

Here are 4 main functions of POP advertising

1. Informing

Informing consumers basic communications function for any type advertising tools. POP materials alert consumers to specific items and provided potentially useful information for making buying decisions.

2. Reminding

POP helps consumers recall a brands' products and services they have previously learned from other marketing communication efforts by the business. This reminder role serves to complement the job already performed by advertising before the consumers enters the store.

3. Encouraging

Effective POP materials influences product and brand choices at the point of purchase and encourages impulse buying.

4. Merchandising

The merchandising function is served when POP displays enable businesses to use floor space effectively and boosts retails sales by assisting consumers in making products and brand selections.


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