3 main functions of advertising objectives

Setting objectives for any situation is critical for success. When planning a marketing strategy and building an advertising campaign it is important to set up objectives.

What are advertising objectives?

These are the goals that advertising attempts to achieve. Advertising objectives are designed after the brand is clearly positioned, a specific market is targeted and after a general objective for the brand is decided.

Advertising objectives are achieved by the effective implementation of advertising decisions. There are there main reasons why advertising objectives must be established prior to making decisions regards massage selection and media determination.

1. Objectives as a reflection of the consensus of marketing management:

The process of setting objectives forces marketing and advertising managers to agree on the course that a brand’s advertising will take. This also helps with deciding for the planning period, as well as on the tasks it is to accomplish for the specific brand.

2. Objectives as a guide to budgeting:

Objectives determines the amount of money that should be spent. It also provides guidelines for the message strategy and the media required to accomplish a brand’s marketing communication objectives.

3. Objectives as a benchmark against which result can be measured:

Objectives set precise, qualitative benchmarks of what advertising is expected to achieve subsequent results can be compared with those standards to determine whether the advertising campaign achieved what was intended.

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