5 tips when marketing to Gen Y

Generation Y segment of the market usually identified as the young, free spirited and tech-savvy generation has become one of focus of marketers. Gen Y are now joining the work force meaning having more disposable income. This makes it essential for marketers to know how to effectively communicate with this audience to capture their preference.

Here are some tips to consider when marketing to gen Y

Clear communication

Be clear and to the point on what you are trying to communicate instead of leaving the audience confused and guessing.

Timely communication

Be aware of what is going on, especially trends on social media or on the news, this way you can easily capture these consumers right when something they are passionate about is happening.

Emotional relevance

Creating a message that relates with current issues and resonates with emotions of this audience helps you make a lasting impression. This could be something humorous or sad.

Be genuine

Don’t try and over sell with millennials as they have different sources of information especially electronic word of mouth such as reviews and advice form peers, instead try and build a genuine customer relationship.

Cause related marketing

Gen Y need to have a sense of purpose. Selecting social cause or an interest that resonate with this group and translating into product purchases captures the attentions of gen Y and creates emotional connection with the brand. Special interests may be education, poverty, the environment etc.

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