6 main advantages of opt-in electronic messaging

What is opt-in electronic messaging?

Opt-in messaging is the practice of marketers asking for and receiving consumers’ permission to sent them messages on particular topics. This could be done via email or other social media platforms.

If the consumer has agreed to receive messages on topics of interest including specials, products and services provided by your business they will pay attention to the messages sent specifically to them.

However, the effectiveness of these type of marketing communion depends on frequency, quantity and quality of the messages.

Here are 6 main advantages of opt-in messaging

1. Targeting

By gaining detailed opt-in data, advertisers know precisely which prospect or past customer are likely to respond favorably to electronic messages.

2. Personalization

Businesses have a database of thousands of electronic addresses from customers who have opted to receive electronic messages. It is then possible to tailor messages to individual’s interest and needs.

3. Cost – efficiency

It is a relatively cost effective method of marking communication.

4. Effectiveness

The response rate of this marketing tool is higher when compared to other direct marketing methods. It has also been demonstrated to be a very effective ay of generating word of mouth buzz among internet users.

5. Measurability / accountability

Because the response medium is the same as the advertising medium (the internet), it is possible to directly calibrate the percentage of message recipient that undertakes the requested action.

6. Speed

Electronic messaging to millions of recipients can be done with a click, and the message can also be changed relatively quickly due to the elimination of printing time and adjustment.

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