5 ways to improve internal communication

Having satisfied employees with a suitable working environment is one of the determinates of the success of any business.

Creating a two-way, transparent communication within an organization helps with having a comfortable environment for employees to express their concerns, thereby feeling important and part of the success as well as failures of the organization.

Ineffective communication often results in poor cooperation and coordination, undercurrents of tension, gossip and rumors

There are many ways managers can improve internal communication. Here are 5 methods that may be useful:

1. Communication is two way

Communication is a one-way street in most business, when it should be two way. Management not only should send a message but also create the opportunity to receive feedback; it does not always end when information is given.

2. Face to Face communication

Where possible and practical, face-to-face communication is preferable rather than electronic or written communication.

3. Clarifying messages or instructions

Each time information or instruction is given ask the question, 'Is this message clear?'. This helps you to make sure you have sent the message you originally intended to communicate, and you will be able to avoid confusion.

4. Understand how your employees listen

Make sure you understand the way employees decode and interpret information based on past experiences. When you understand your employees you will be able to send information in a way that can effectively be received by employees and know exactly what they are receiving from the message

5. Don't fail to create a climate of trust

Make sure you create an environment where your employees feel free to express their feeling on different matters and they are confident to get the right information from management

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