7 Service market mix elements to help you succeed in the market

The Service marketing mix are a set of elements businesses use to communicate effectively with their customers. The mix is combined of 7 P’s which are product, place, pricing, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.

The first 4 P’s, known as the traditional market mix are also associated with product marketing while the other 3 P’s are extensions focus on services due to its unique characteristics. The market mix elements focus on enhancing customers satisfaction, effective growth and communication.

Here are the 7 elements of service marketing mix

1. Product

Services are intangible which means they can’t be measured in terms of feel and look like products, but they can still be tailored to suit the preferences of each customer. However, because services are heterogeneous and perishable they require attention to detail when designed to meet customer expectation and enhance satisfaction.

2. Pricing

Product pricing strategies are easier compared to services. You can se the price cost based on labor cost, raw materials, production cost etc. When it comes to services on the other hand it is hard to set prices for them as they are intangible and hard to measure therefore pricing requires the utmost attention as it plays a crucial role in the success of your business.

3. Place

The location of your business may make or break the success of your business. You need to conduct vast research to select a suitable location for you potential customers to visit your business.

4. Promotion

The service industry is large and competitive, and your business requires the right promotional strategy to succeed. Although online advertisement and direct marketing maybe the best ways to promote services a good mix of communication channels is required to engage a large audience.

5. People

Service marketing is highly dependent on employees as they are responsible to representing your brand to create happy and returning customers. Therefore employee selection and training play a crucial role in the success of your business.

6. Process

This refers to the efficient service delivery. You need to make the delivery process that is easy, quick and reliable to keep you customers happy in a competitive industry.

7. Physical Evidence

This is the what differentiates you form your competition. It includes the ambiance of your service scape, such as the music, the cleanliness, the chairs and tables etc.

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