E-mail Marketing

What is email marketing

Email marketing is a variation of direct marketing, which traditionally began with direct mail and telemarketing, and now in the digital edge flourished in to marketing through emails.

It is one of the marketing tools with the least cost. The cost of generating and email campaign is so small that it takes very few actual sales to justify it.

Whether your business provides products or services to customers or other business email marketing is a real opportunity to get in touch with potential prospects. The goal of any marketing tool is to cultivate communication with targeted potential customers, and email marketing will defiantly help you get a foot in the door.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to run a successful email marketing

1. Be appealing

Be sure you know about the interests of your customers so that you are able to include content that is appealing to recipients on a variety of levels

2. Determine what and when to offer

Identify offers that have the most appeal for your customer base, and make sure your email is seasonally appropriate for their preferences.

3. Make your email actionable

Since you already have contact information for your potential customers adding a quote buttons or contact me helps you generate the highest quality leads for your internal campaign. The goal of an internal campaign is to identify those who are ready to make a purchase decision and who have preferences to your brand.

4. Attractive subject line

Your subject line not only needs to be relevant to the content of your message but also needs to be strong enough to encourage you potential customers to open the email.

In need of professional marketing services?

If you are planning to utilize email marketing in your business and would like a professional assistant contact our marketing professionals at Elby Marketing.


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