4 Steps to responding to positive online review

Responding to online reviews is important whether they are positive or negative. Acknowledging what customers has to say not only gives your organization a personality it also encourages your consumers to keep engaged with your business.

Here are four steps on how to responde to a positive online review

Thank the customer

Genuinely thank the person for specific things in the review. Acknowledging their review will keep them engaged with your business.

Use the business name in the response

Mentioning your business name or the location of your business in the response to a positive review will have your business appear in search results, which will associate your business with the positive review.

Include a promotion in your response

Because your response will be publicly by who ever searches for the goods and services provided by your business, use your response to spread the work by including a current promotion potential customer would be interested in.

Invite customer back to your business

Give the customer further services or offer them a current promotion to encourage them to come back to your business.

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