4 simple research techniques when planning your marketing strategy

Reaching your audience effectively and efficiently is vital to compete in the market of any industry. Planning a strong marketing strategy is the only way of realizing superior reach and engagement with your consumers. And to have a strong marketing strategy conducting research about the external operating business environment by utilizing the right primary and secondary research techniques is important.

Here are 4 simple research techniques before to utilize when planning strategy

1. Personal survey

Personal surveys are conducted to collect information about people’s attitudes such as likes, dislikes, preferences and motives. This helps obtain direct responses from people to specific questions relating to your products and services. The information gathered from this will help you decide who your customers are and what your business should offer to satisfy them.

2. Direct observation

This is an essential research technique. It includes not only visual observation but also talking and listening to people. Direct observation produces useful information for making marketing decisions on what your business will offer and amendments in past mistakes. Direct observation information could be buying characteristics, what people are buying or not buying, what competitor are doing and general economic conditions.

3. Desktop research

This involves collection and analysis of information published on the business environment. The information collected in this method is usually statistical and can be an important input into the strategy planning. To have the best outcome form this research technique you need to make sure the resources you are using are current and relevant to your business.

4. Database analysis

The information retained by your business form previous transactions is used to predict outcomes of future buying behavior and purchase patterns. Analysis of any customer database maintained can help you determine what products and services to offer to be competitive in the market.

If you are planning to build a new marketing strategy or revise your existing marketing strategy, contact our marketing professionals at Elby Marketing.


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