7 simple ways to keep your customer satisfied

Customer satisfaction

In today’s continuously changing and highly competitive business environment it is highly important to keep your consumers satisfied to help you keep them loyal and retain them.

Studies show that the companies have a high level of profitability if it is oriented more toward customer satisfaction. Studies also revile that acquiring new customers cost marketers between five to ten times more than it does to retain current customers.

Customer satisfaction has a positive impact both on the purchasing behavior, as well as on attitudes post purchase. Here are 7 simple what to keep your customers satisfied and loyal

1. Internal communication

Having a transparent communication among management and employees is quite important when trying to keep your consumers satisfied. This helps employees to handle enquiries and complaints on the spot.

2. Relationship marketing

Creating a relationship with your consumers beyond first act of sale is the first step towards a customer retention. This will motivate consumers to come back and provides additional sale opportunities, causing an increase in profit in the future.

3. Training your employees

Employee training about all parts of the business is essential. This helps employees to give sufficient information to consumers on the spot and handle all enquiries. Further training with a set of norms and communication rules to facilitate positive relationship and avoid conflict are also quite important to help them keep your consumers happy.

4. Employee empowerment

Managers must determine how much authority employees hold to resolve customer enquiries. This boosts employees’ confidence in handling customers which as a result will reflects on the quality of service provision by the business.

5. Listen to your consumers

Encouraging customers to provide feedback by utilizing either a customer satisfaction survey or a mere face to face question on how they felt about the provision of service or sell of product helps the business understand the level of satisfaction and future purchase intention. Not only does the business need to find out how consumers felt but also act on customer feedback.

6. Reward your consumers

Putting in effort to encourage repeat purchase through reward cards and loyalty cards solidifies patterns of purchase behavior and preference towards the business. Further it provides a mine of information for the business with respect to the participation of consumers, enabling more targeted and focused marketing effort.

7. Under-promise and over-deliver

It is the expectations of your consumers that affects the level of satisfaction they experience post purchase. If the consumers’ expectation is exceeded at each provision of service or purchase of products, satisfaction and retention will become much easier

Struggling to keep your customers satisfied?

Elby can help with understanding your consumers and creating a customized strategy to maximize your profit through customer satisfactiont. Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting to best see how we can help you keep your consumers satisfied


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