How are you positioning your brand?

Brand Positioning

Does your brand represent your strengths and unique attributes in the minds of your target audience? Do you think you are competing with your rivals based on the unique benefits only your business offers? If you don’t think so perhaps it’s time to rethink your positioning strategy.

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is a critical marketing concept that refers to the complex set of perceptions, impressions and feeling that consumers hold about your brand compared to your competitors.

Consumers are usually overloaded with marketing information about various brands, products and services in addition to their preexisting perception about a brand based on previous experience. Thus, either consciously or unconsciously, they try to organize and categories various brands to help them make repetitive purchasing decisions easier.

Therefore, you want consumers to associate all your strengths and unique differentiating attributes and benefits with your brand, which helps your brand fall in the desirable evaluative category in the minds of consumers.

Why you need to position your brand?

Brand Positioning is an essential activity in developing a successful marketing strategy. Whether you put your marketing efforts towards positioning or not, consumers will compare your benefits and attributes to your competitors to create their own perceptions about your brand. But you do not want to leave your brand’s position for mere chance. You must plan a positioning strategy that will give your brand the greatest advantage in a selected target to achieve your marketing and sales goals against the competing brands.

Are you in need for professional marketing work?

Elby can help with positioning or repointing your brand to help you compete effectively in the market. Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting to best see how we can help position your brand


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