6 simple guidelines to improve your social media posts

Do you use social media platforms as a major way to reach your clients? Here are 6 simple guidelines to improve your social media posts.

1. Know your audience

Your readers are overcrowded with information, what makes your post different? Does it catch the attention of your target audience? It is evident that you need to know and understand the needs, preferences and interests of your audience if you want to talk to them in a language they can relate to.

Talk about the subjects they are prone to engage in.

2. Have a clear objective for the post

What do you want your post to do? Do you want more traffic to your social media page or website? Do you want it to be shared numerous times? Do you want to create awareness? Or do you want create a conversation among your audience? If you know the goal of the post, you can tailor it to achieve your objective.

3. Have imagery as part of your post

An image speaks a thousand words. Have images that are related to the subject in your post, preferably images that spark emotion or humor (in consideration of the target audience). Images excite readers to click on the post.

4. Have interesting headlines that represent the whole post

Headlines are first impressions of your post, they must be interesting and be snapshots of your whole post. Your readers normally scroll through plenty of headlines, unless your headline is something they are interested in they will scroll over it.

5. Don’t make majority of your posts about self promotion

Although promotion is a major part of social media marketing communication, only about 20% of your content should be self-promotional. The other 80% should be entertainment or information your audience can relate to or engage in.

6. Post more and send consistent messages

The more proper effort you put in on social media posts the more responses and results you get. The more consistent messages you send out the more you build the image and reputation of your brand.

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