Get to Know What Filming and Videography Services Can Do.

What is a filming service?

A filming service is where a company provides everything that is involved with filming, that being the shooting of the film itself, plus the editing, production and publishing. A filming service provides high quality videos for a range of occasions, and for numerous platforms too.

The film can be shown on your website, YouTube, television or in cinema – the filming service will know how to get it done. This also involves planning out the video, designing the various elements such as set and script, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

A filming service covers the film editing, production and publishing, meaning less work that you have to worry about.

What is film editing?

Film editing is what occurs after all the footage has been collected by the videographer. This involves looking through all the video footage, and moving sections around or cutting other sections out to make the final video product.

The footage is put together to make a polished piece of work, and music or computer generated effects may be added depending on the video requirements. All this work is done on a computer, in comparison to the days when editors would have to physically cut up the film and stick them back together in sections. Through the editing process, more depth can be added to the video and further meanings can be created out of the shots with added music and effects.

In need of some professional filming?

Look no further, Elby Marketing can get the job done! We have videographers who can answer your every filming need. Contact us on 08 8180 0687 or email us on to get started.

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