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Firstly, what is website design?

Website design is the creation of websites through planning and conceptualizing. Website design is an umbrella term, as website design consists of many processes which tie together to create a website. These processes include the user interface, site navigation, site structure, text styles, graphics, colours and imagery of the website. In this digital age, Elby Marketing understands the importance of creating a functioning, appealing website for our clients in order for them to effectively communicate to their audience.

How does website design help your business?

By having a website catered for your business, you can show the business’s true essence and attract your audience. A well designed website satisfies customers when it tells them exactly what they want to know, with ease of access for more information. No one likes a website that lacks easy navigation.

Design aspect

Website design can also increase your visibility in search engines. Elby Marketing designs your website with specific search engine optimisation to make your website appear higher on Google’s page, giving your business a better chance of being found.

Technical errors

Any technical glitches on a website can easily turn your audience away, and proper website design can avoid this. Our professional team can create you a website with working links, specifically placed images and a short loading time.

Loading times

Loading times are important on websites, as in some cases people will not wait for a website to load longer than 5 seconds. People are time sensitive, and a good website design can avoid this issue. As people are also increasingly using their mobile phones to go online and view websites, this increases the importance of having a website designed for mobile interface. Elby Marketing can design a website for your business which can easily be accessed on mobile as well as online, keeping your audience happy.

Sounding good so far? Want to get your website started with our trusted professionals? Book an appointment with Elby Marketing today! Click here to contact us.


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