What are Adwords and How to Use Them.

Here at Elby Marketing we are skilled in AdWords management and using it for your business’ advantage! Our team is ready and eager to provide excellent service to your business and rank your advertisements high on search engines.

Firstly, what is "AdWords"?

Google AdWords is an advertising service run by Google, which involves ranking clickable ads higher in Google’s search results. Advertisers bid on keywords which make their ads appear in the Google search, and it is the clicks on the ads which advertisers pay for. These advertisements are paid through cost-per-click (CPC), which is the amount advertisers pay every time their advertisement is clicked on.

The maximum bid of the advertiser, the quality score, and how competitive the key word is depends how much the clicks cost. A quality score is based on the advertisement’s click-through rate, the relevance of the keyword, and the landing page quality. This quality score is conducted so Google can determine how useful and relevant the ad is to the customer. The higher the quality score, the better rankings the advertisement can get.

What is AdWords Management? How can Elby Marketing help you with AdWords?

At Elby Marketing we pride ourselves on performing quality AdWords management for our clients. We provide assistance with Google AdWords and making your business rank high in search results, while keeping to the budget that you want!

We can manage your AdWords account so you don’t have to worry, and by doing so we can enhance your sales and business awareness. AdWords places your advertisements on the prime real estate of Google – the very first page.

We use key words that will rank your ad high, and we will continually monitor your advertisement’s clicks and implement strategies to reach the online traffic that your company deserves. Our team at Elby Marketing consists of experts in AdWords, SEO, social media, graphic and website design, all specially trained to help your business grow. We understand the importance of conversion, and want to turn your clicks into sales!

Ready to get your business started with AdWords? Our professionals at Elby Marketing are here for you! Contact us here and have a look at our previous client work.


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