Top Tip: How to Write Blog Articles People Actually Care About.

There are numerous ways to write an article, the main thing is that it’s written to suit your audience!

What is involved with article writing?

By writing blog articles for your website, you can have a consistent stream of new content to feature, and share it around on your social media. How someone tackles writing an article can depend on their preference, though generally it involves these 5 elements:

  1. The topic

  2. The title

  3. The opening sentence

  4. Three key points

  5. The layout

The Topic

Essentially, the article writer should know the topic they are writing about, or have the means to research before they begin writing. The topic should be centered on what your business has to offer, or the field in which your industry lies.

The Title

The title of the article is important, and should communicate to the reader what it is about. If the article comes up in a Google search and does not relate to the topic, and a person who has clicked on the article quickly exits, this increases the website’s bounce rate. A high bounce rate hinders the chances of the article featuring high on a Google search page.

The Opening Sentence

This is also important, as this is how to really grab the reader’s attention. It should be a description of what the article will be about.

Three Key Points

Articles are generally no longer than 700 words, meaning there is not a lot of space to talk about multiple topics. Having 3 set topics gives the writer enough space to effectively write about each topic.

The Layout

Finally, the layout of the article itself should be easy to read and accessible. The font must be an appropriate size, and the article should include paragraphs, line spacing and even pictures which can spread out the text so that it does not seem like just lines and lines of text.

Why are articles on my website important?

Having a constant stream of well-written articles can help your business in more ways than one. By writing articles which focus on your business’ expertise, this builds confidence in your business and people may start coming to your site for information on a range of topics.

For business to business organisations, it can be worthwhile contacting business magazines to get your articles featured, which also gets your business out there. Articles are a great way to promote your business and products; if people are reading your articles, you can use them as a way to market what you have to offer.

There can also be increased traffic to your website when you are constantly updating with articles. Use email and social media to link your audience to your articles, and make sure to give a brief summary to show your audience what it’s about and get them interested.

Let’s get writing!

Contact us now for all your article needs, and have a look at our previous client work on our website.


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